Retail Storage and Office Storage Solution from PODS

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Our storage containers offer additional storage for any type of business.  From large corporations to small businesses and retailers, legal and accounting firms, to hotels, restaurants and pubs; PODS® containers provide a reliable solution.  We have convenient and flexible storage solutions to solve any business storage challenges.

Extra inventory. Store seasonal merchandise, window displays and fixtures, promotional items, apparel and supplies.

Construction and renovation. Protect office furniture and equipment, as well as any retail items during a renovation or construction project.

Files and documents. Archive old (but important) legal and accounting documents, sales and expense reports, case histories, etc.

Seasonal items. Secure storage for outdoor furniture, hockey and other sports equipment, holiday decorations and displays.

And we can deliver your storage container back to you, whenever and wherever you want it. For a more detailed proposal on how PODS can support your retail, hospitality, and small office initiatives Click Here.