Supply chain logistics

PODS reduces supply chain and logistics expenses while increasing efficiencies

PODS® containers can help you add convenience, flexibility, and inventory control to your business. Our professional staff will work with you to create customized supply chain logistics to transport and store your goods closer to the point of use. With PODS as your logistics partner, you can drive profitability by continually optimising your network and performance.

When you choose PODS we will help you achieve successful business inventory management as well as providing:

Flexible Inventory. Manage your stock levels and purchasing efficiency with cost efficient storage to adjust for changing market conditions and business seasonality.

Increased Speed to Openings. Stage materials on-site to increase speed to new location openings or to reduce downtime during remodelling or renovations.

Storage Options.Storage both on-site and off-site in our secure Storage Centres.

Nationwide Transportation. National network (including the United States) supports local, long distance and cross border transportation of goods.

Exceptional Customer Service. Dedicated, professional team assures first-rate performance and service.

Maximize Productivity. PODS supply chain management helps minimize the need for multiple shipments and handlings to better use company resources.

For a more detailed proposal on how PODS can support your logistics and supply chain initiatives contact us.