Camping and Summer Holidays

It’s vacation time, and for many it rhymes with escape, wilderness and scenery. The construction holidays are the ideal time to say goodbye to the incessant sounds of the city and say hello to the clean air of the mountains.

You’ve decided to equip yourself in order to venture into camping? What a great idea! You’ll see, however, that there’s a lot to think in terms of equipment … Well, it’s worth it.

Obviously, you’ll need a tent, a sleeping bag, a tarpaulin, a cooler and several kitchen accessories, all of which are more bulky than the last, but very useful. You’ll probably have to choose what type of camping you wish to practice before, but know that in all cases, it’s always possible to buy used (or to borrow!).

Once you are properly equipped, you can enjoy an extraordinary experience in nature, far from the hassle of everyday life. But what to do with all this equipment when returning home? Does your little downtown apartment can accommodate everything? Think of renting a mini-warehouse or a mobile container to store your newcomers! So they will be ready for next summer without cluttering you all winter.

Ask our experts about storing your camping equipment and summer accessories!

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