Your condo, house or property isn’t ready yet?

PODS containerFor any number of reasons, like the weather or late deliveries of materials, the construction of your home can delayed. These days, the recent construction strike seems to be the main reason for late deliveries. Some people could literally end up without a place to stay… and the uncertainty weighs heavily.

To meet the needs of homebuyers who are stuck in this situation, PODS Quebec is offering not just a moving solution, but a storage solution as well. This way, you won’t have to move twice!

Here’s how PODS works:
1. We bring an empty container directly to your door.
2. You load it at your convenience. It’s a great way to “move” your belongings temporarily.
3. We store the container in one of our secure storage facilities, or at the location of your choice, during all the time you need.
4. Later, when your home is ready, we’ll deliver the container wherever you want.

PODS makes moving and storing easy, and helps you save time. For more information, contact us now!