Eco-friendly moving

You have probably already started planning your move. But the clock is ticking. So in order to help you and to facilitate your transition, here is something on that subject. This time, we will focus on the preservation of the environment and we will give you a few tips on how to act in an eco-responsible way before and on D-day.

Eco-friendly moving



The key behaviour of an eco-friendly moving is to use what we already have or to use what has already been used by someone else instead of buying something new. First, it will be much cheaper―and everybody knows that moving costs money―and second, it’s good for the planet. Think of making a stop at the grocery store, ask your Facebook friends or check the classified ads section to find used cardboard boxes. Let’s bet that someone moved before you did and would be glad to give a second life to the boxes that are spread out in their new home. The same goes for packing material. You can replace ‘not-green’ bubble wrap with crumpled newspaper or use towels, dish cloths, or even clothes (not tuxedos and ball gowns, it goes without saying!) to protect fragile items. You will save space, and the planet.

2- Green cleaning

Major cleaning is a crucial step when it comes to moving, whether it be in your future home or in the one you are leaving (think about the future occupants). Choose environmentally friendly cleaning products rather than highly chemical products. You can also find on the Net quick and easy recipes using basic ingredients (white vinegar, lemon, baking soda).

3- Start preparing your next home now

Adopt new environmental habits from the start. Install your recycling and composting bins as soon as you arrive; new habits will be a lot easier to adopt. You already have to adapt to your new home. You might as well adapt to those new habits and kill two birds with one stone.

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