When disaster strikes, PODS will be there

What began as an innovative moving and storage service has evolved into a disaster recovery solution for government, social service agencies, businesses and homeowners.


The PODS Rapid Response Team was created to assist citizens deeply affected by disaster with their efforts to protect and salvage their belongings. Prior to and following a disastrous event, PODS® containers can be a means of transport for food, water and medical supplies to affected regions. Additionally, our containers can provide storage for household items and the possessions of homeowners and businesses.

Safe and secure. PODS® containers can either be stored on-site or in one of our local PODS secure Storage Centres, depending on the circumstance. Only you have access to your PODS® container so you can rest assured that your belongings are safe.

Rapid deployment into impacted areas. PODS can respond quickly to support homeowners, businesses as well as government agencies. PODS® containers can also be staged prior to an anticipated disaster.

Competent, trained drivers. Our professionally trained drivers are able to handle emergency delivery and road conditions with ease.

Rugged and weather resistant. PODS® containers can endure winds up to 177 kilometres per hour when partially filled. They are made of steel frame construction with a water-resistant seal.