Are you moving abroad?

If you are looking for new horizons or searching for long term enriching experiences and you need to store your appliances while you are out of the country, we have what you are looking for.

Eco-friendly moving

source: work related journey

Whether it is only a long trip, a work-related journey or international studies, you may need to leave your accommodation here in Quebec. This kind of adventure needs a thorough preparation, although we tend to forget that it is also really important to plan the return journey and everything that comes along.

entreposage résidentiel

long trip

To avoid starting back from scratch when you move back here, you can rent a space to store your belongings during your stay abroad.

Thanks to PODS Quebec, you can store a multitude of items:
•         Appliances;
•         Furniture;
•         Outdoor equipment;
•         Electronics…

With PODS Quebec, you can drop off or pick up your belongings whenever you like. And you’ll find them just the way you left them. The PODS system is simple: we bring a container right to your door, you fill it at your own pace, and then we bring it to one of our secured storage facilities.

Our storage centres are specially designed to ensure the safety of your belongings. The facilities are secured, dry, and protected from extreme temperatures and humidity (all our centres are heated during the winter). Thanks to PODS, you can store your furniture worry free!

Now, you can leave with your mind at ease!

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