We deliver it. You load it. Then we haul it to your new home.


Worry-free moving with PODS containers

PODS makes moving easy. Available in three sizes (approx 8x7x7, 8x8x12 and 8x8x16), our containers can be delivered across the city, across the country or anywhere in the world. The peace of mind you need when moving you belongings.

Move whenever you want

Fill your moving container at your own pace. No movers, no ticking clock. We take charge of the whole delivery process and guarantee your belongings will be transported with care.

Easy loading

Load and unload your container at ground-level. No need to tire yourself out going up and down a truck ramp. If you have health problems or disability, we can even recommend a professional packer as well as someone who can fill the container for you.

Across town, across the country or across the border

PODS is ideal for short or long-distance moving. We’ll deliver your container wherever you want.

Putting your house up for sale

Getting ready to sell your house? PODS is a simple solution for clearing out the clutter and showcasing your home. Potential buyers can admire your home without being distracted by your personal belongings.

Storage between moves

Need a storage solution in between moves? PODS can help. We’ll keep your PODS container in our secure storage centre and we’ll deliver it whenever you need it. You can store your containers as long as you want.

PODS is your moving expert in the greater Montreal area.