Moving in Canada? PODS can help!

The following sections will provide you with valuable information pertinent to your move from Canada to the USA or from the USA to Canada.  To ensure that your experience is smooth and successful, it’s important to have accurate information and guidance when moving between countries.  At PODS we are pleased to provide you, our valued customer, with the necessary information for your relocation.  This site contains the necessary forms, recommendations on what to expect and how to prepare for your move as well as information regarding any restrictions and mandates in place by either the Canadian or United States Customs agencies for your belongings to enter the respective country.

We are confident that by choosing PODS you will be provided with a cost effective move and that you will be guided through the entire process to ensure your personal belongings clear Customs and arrive safely at your new home.

Canada Moving

From the time your order is placed you will be in close contact with a PODS Logistics Centre representative who will assist you throughout your entire move and ensure that all documentation is accurate and available to our international, cross border transportation department as well as Customs officers.

We have also provided links to several Canadian and U.S. government websites so you can review the most up to date information as Customs regulations are occasionally changed or amended.  We recommend you research and familiarize yourself with the entire process so as not to be surprised by anything.

For international moves it is imperative that you have the correct documentation and current identification for each person moving to the new country.  This is essential for the relocation of your belongings.  PODS requires that each individual present a valid passport as it is necessary for PODS to provide a copy of the passport to the immigration officials in the country to which you are moving.  The name on the passport must be consistent with the name on the PODS account as well as the name on the manifest of goods.  Our PODS fleet and PODS® container may be denied entrance to the country should Customs and Immigration officials find any discrepancies.  Keep in mind these policies and procedures have been established by the US and Canadian governments to maintain border security and make certain new immigrants are properly documented to enter the country.

PODS strongly encourages our customers to familiarize themselves with the immigration procedures and requirements of the country to which they are moving. Moving to the United States – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services