PODS moving checklist : Top tips

Woman Labeling Moving Boxes

8 WEEKS before Moving Day

  • Estimate your furniture volume to move; – it is important to estimate the total volume you will have to move in order to select the right type of container.
  • Get a PODS quote;  (click here or call 1-514-798-6734).
  • Create a “Move File”  to keep track of all your estimates, receipts and other important information
  • Contact your new municipality to request new resident and community information.
  • Begin researching your new hometown online. The Internet is a great resource or local newspapers.
  • Create a floor plan of your new home for furniture and appliance placement.
  • Make an inventory of your household goods and begin to remove clutter (start with the attic, basement, garage and other storage areas).
  • Prepare to have a moving sale
  • Check with Revenue Canada or your accountant for possible tax deduction including moving expenses.

6 WEEKS before Moving Day

  • Open a bank account if your current bank does not have branches in your new community.
  • Ask your doctor and the Canada Health Agency for referrals and obtain all medical records.
  • Have antiques, pieces of art, musical instruments and other valuables appraised.
  • Begin using frozen foods and cleaning supplies that cannot be moved.
  • Make a list of friends, relatives and businesses to notify of your move.

4 WEEKS before Moving Day

  • Schedule delivery of your PODS containers;  (Pods Quebec or call 1-514-798-6734).
  • Check with your insurance company to confirm your possessions are covered during transit. Consider the amount of PODS Contents Protection you may wish to purchase
  • Schedule connection of utility services at your new home,  including electricity, city , water, sewage, cable, Internet, telephone and trash disposal service.
  • Schedule the disconnection of utility services at your old home  Don’t forget to disconnect the day after you move and connect the day before you arrive at your new home. If you have any “final month” deposits with services such as the electric company, don’t forget to request your refund.
  • File a change of address with Canada Post or go online at Canada Post.
  • Purchase locks for your new home or arrange to have them installed upon moving in.
  • Arrange for cleaning and repair of furniture, carpeting and drapes..
  • Make any necessary travel plans for your move.

3 WEEKS before Moving Day

  • Hold your moving sale or sell online via www.lespac.com of www.kijiji.ca. Donate leftover items to charities.
  • Properly dispose of items that cannot be moved or thrown out such as chemicals, pesticides, flammable liquids and batteries.
  • Cancel newspaper delivery.
  • Change the address  of your current magazine subscriptions.

2 WEEKS before Moving Day

  • Return any borrowed items such as library books, and retrieve all borrowed items.
  • Prepare auto registrations for transfer if you are moving to another province.
  • Transfer all prescriptions  and be sure you have an adequate supply of medications.
  • Assemble a file folder of information to leave for the new owner of your home.
  • Order new cheques so they’re ready by moving day.

1 WEEK before Moving Day

  • Send change-of-address cards or emails to everyone who will need to contact you.
  • Assemble a backpack with your checkbook, credit cards, phone records, identification, flashlight, keys, mobile phone charger, small camera, toiletries, paper plates and cups, towels, travel alarm clock, bottled water, first aid kit and games for the kids.
  • Pack a suitcase with clothing and other personal items.
  • Pack a portable TV/stereo as you may not get around to unpacking and connecting that big screen TV for a few days.
  • Make child care arrangements for moving day.

THE DAY before Moving Day

  • Confirm your PODS container pickup, delivery date and address at your new home (