How much can a PODS Moving Container hold?

PODS containers are clean and spacious, and designed to make it easy for you to load and unload and get the most for your money. For household moving and storage, most customers will fit about 5,000 pounds in a 16’ container. Items like mattresses, tables, and couches will typically take up space without adding a lot of weight. For some customers who are moving large book or magazine collections, weights and workout equipment, or heavy tools may not be able to use all of the available space and should take extra care to balance and secure goods inside of their PODS containers. The weight capacities shown below are the maximum weight of household goods that may be loaded and moved in a PODS storage container using the PODS system.

  • 7x7x8, up to 5 000 lbs
  • 12x8x8, up to 8 000 lbs*
  • 16x8x8, up to 10 000 lbs*

POds containers

PODS containers have a special design steel frame and aluminum cladding panels . The top is made of durable and transparent polymer that lets ambient light in, to illuminate the interior of the container.

* For long distance moving, containers 16x8x8 and 7x7x8 only are used.