PODZILLA: Straight Ahead

PODS containers are moved using our patented PODZILLA lifting system. This allows the moving containers, as well as the contents itself, to remain in place during loading on the truck, and to facilitate their positioning on an inclined surface and in narrow or difficult areas access.

Thus, PODZILLA maintains the level of the containers, protecting all the contents during transport of the mini-warehouse. The PODS truck is equipped with an elevator system that is controlled by the driver, specially trained by the PODS team of specialists. This way, you’ll find your belongings in perfect condition!

See for yourself, and share your impressions with us: https://youtu.be/yoGNoolyQ_k

Podzilla entrée

You need a mobile container, but your entrance is sloping and you worry that your objects will move during transport? Fear nothing with PODZILLA! Contact directly our team to discuss your projects.