Post-Moving With PODS

That’s it: you survived July 1st and moved into your new home. The ensuing installation is certainly one of the favourite moments of the long and tedious moving process, although it can sometimes turn into a real puzzle. You leave a three-floor house to find yourself in a condo or an apartment, and suddenly have too much furniture and accessories? PODS can help you.

The rental of a mobile container could indeed be very useful. PODS delivers a mini-warehouse at your doorstep, so you can fill it at your own pace and perform the necessary sorting in your belongings, without any pressure and free of clutter. The mobile container can be kept on your property for as long as you wish, or stored in one of our secure centres.

Make yourself as comfortable as you want with our tailored warehouse services and take the time you need! Do not let lack of space obstruct a successful move. Contact our specialists today and see the different options available to you!

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