For Safe Battery Storage

Whether one likes it or not, autumn and winter are on their way! Have you already stowed your all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles or four-wheelers? Regardless of the type of motor vehicle, its battery must be stored safely if it is to be kept for a long time, but especially if accidents are to be avoided. For those purposes, here are some tips:

• Clean the top of your battery with a solution of baking soda mixed with water to remove any corrosion;

• Charge your battery completely before storing it;

• Check the water level of each cell, as well as its concentration of electrolytes;

• Check the charge status of your battery approximately every three months, making sure it remains above 75%;

• Store your battery in a cool, dry place between 0 °C and 27 °C (do not freeze it!).

With these simple tricks, you will be able to keep your battery in good condition for years! Would you like to receive further advice on the proper storage of your belongings? Ask our professionals!