Storage From Emergencies

It’s quite unfortunate, but no one is safe from crises. Whether it’s in the case of fire or water damage, you may need to store your belongings, quickly and securely. Remember that in such circumstances, our team is there to support you.

PODS can make your life easier during major inconveniences. You have experienced a home fire or there’s water damage in your basement? Let us help you! Our staff will come and leave a mobile container at your door so you can fill it at your own pace, whatever you like. You’ll be able to keep it at your home, or you could let us take care of placing it inside one of our secured storage facilities. If you choose to keep it on your property, we’ll come and pick it up once you’ve finished. You may thus return to what really concerns you.


You’re in the middle of an emergency? Call on our warehousing experts.