Home Remodelling made easy with PODS® storage containers

Remodel with PODS

Home improvement projects can range from a simple floor refinishing, to a small remodelling project or even a large renovation. PODS offers storage containers in different sizes so that you can choose the right size to fit your home improvement project.

PODS can provide off-site storage to keep your belongings safe and out of the way in one of our convenient, climate controlled and secure Storage Centres.

For the highest level of convenience and accessibility to your belongings during your remodelling project we offer on-site storage at your location.

The PODS solution is perfect! We are remodeling our new home before we move in, so we needed a place to store our stuff. Finding a mover, putting everything in storage and moving it again seemed so complicated. Everything happened exactly when they said. It couldn’t have been easier, and I’ve told a bunch of my friends.

Claude Bouchard

1. We deliver a PODS® storage container right to the project location.

2. You load the storage container with any items that need to be cleared out for your remodelling project.

3. You can either keep the storage container on-site for convenient access or we can take your container to one of our indoor, secure Storage Centres.

4. When your remodelling project is complete, PODS will redeliver your storage container for you to unload.

PODS container in driveway
PODS® containers protect your belongings from dirt, and dust associated with home remodelling projects. PODS provides simple and convenient solutions to assist you during any renovation. With PODS you can rest assured that your belongings remain safe and secure no matter how long the project takes to complete.