Store, Renovate and Avoid Water Damage!

PODS dégâts d'eau

Would you like to avoid water infiltration and review the foundations of your home? After all, prevention is better than cure!

Cracks and openings should be examined to avoid significant damage. It may be necessary to correct any slope of the ground that goes down towards the building in order to avoid water pressure on the foundations. Obviously, basic checks remain essential, such as the gutter, the drain pump, the check valve, the basement windows and the building drain.

Despite your many precautions, water seeps into your home? The measures to be taken in such a case are not insignificant, as are the renovations to be planned. Make your job easier by using our mobile container services! You’ll thus be able to free up space to make room for renovations in progress, or simply to avoid that your personal effects get wet. We’ll deliver a mobile container to your home, and you can keep it for the duration of the work. We’ll get it back when you’re ready.

Our team is here to help you in your renovations as in the unfortunate sinister. Do not hesitate to contact our warehousing specialists!

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