Storing Your Summer Tires

Tire storage is harder than it seems. Indeed, if you want to keep your tires in good condition and extend their longevity to the maximum, it is better to store them in ideal conditions.

First, they should always be stored in temperate, dry, ventilated and closed areas. This will prevent your tires from cracking or hardening. It is also important to store them away from large heat sources and out of reach of potential electrical sparks. Avoid placing heavy objects on your tires, or any item that could cause them to become deformed or damaged. Also, it is better to clean them before storage, always with the aim of keeping them as long as possible in good condition.

Are you running out of space or do you think you do not have a suitable place to store your tires? Our specialists at PODS Québec can do it for you! Indeed, our secured centres benefit from adapted and safe conditions, perfect for the storage of your tires. Our mobile containers can be stored for a limited period in our warehouses, or delivered to your home for efficient, convenient and easy storage.


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