Storing your Tires: Bright Idea!

Spring often rhymes with tire change, and tire change can easily rhyme with storage. Are you running out of space to store all four sets of tires for the whole family or just want to keep them safe during the hot season? PODS can help! Let us first give you some tips for safe storage of your tires:

• Clean your tires first and foremost;

• Store away from heat, moisture and light;

• Keep your tires away from chemical substances or liquids, and any power tools;

• Avoid placing excessively heavy objects or too much pressure on them;

• Pack your tires in a storage bag, if possible.

It may be worthwhile to follow these few points if you want to increase your tires life. Simple, fast and efficient, using warehouse specialists can save you a lot of hassle. Need more information? Do not hesitate to contact our professionals to find out more about our services and our secure storage facilities!