Storing Winter Clothes: Tips and Tricks

Sunny days finally arrived! As the season change from winter to spring, it leaves room for the rays of the sun and warmer temperatures, which forces us to put our winter clothes and wool knitwear in the closet. Are you lacking space and need to store your winter clothes in the springtime? We give you some tips and tricks to do so:

• Go through your clothes, and carefully clean the items you want to store.

• A well-ventilated area is ideal for keeping your clothes, without variation in temperature or direct sunlight.

• Forget the carton; it attracts moisture and could damage your favourite article of clothing, especially if it’s a long-term storage.

• Opt for polyurethane plastic boxes, and pack your delicate clothes in cotton linen for maximum safety.

• Why not put a small ball of cotton wool soaked in essential oils (eucalyptus, cedar or lavender) inside your boxes? They smell good, and repel moths!

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